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Be the change you wish to see in the world – Gandhi


The Reveur motto is ‘Value the Potential Within’ so within all our programs we are committed to skilling up the leaders to pull through change by role modelling the behaviour that they wish to see.

Reveur Partners utilise leading edge leadership feedback profiles  working with leaders so that they build understanding of their internal patterns of behaviour in their home and work life that are no longer useful to them, which impact their satisfaction and effectiveness in work and life and results in fast tracking behaviours shifts and development  as effective leaders.



Coaching is a focused way to achieve change and transformation in individuals.  As organisation coaches, Reveur work with individuals to shift patterns that are no longer useful to them and which impact their satisfaction and effectiveness in work and life.  Reveur offer different
forms of coaching, dependent on the organisation and individual needs:


Behavioural Coaching

Working with an individual and teams of individuals to refine and change behaviours that are no longer useful and enhance positive behaviours. Behavioural coaching is usually based around a 360 degree feedback tool, which provides information to open up a new ‘window’ of information.

Outcome coaching

Working with an individual to help them gain a new insight and achieve a personal objective.  This type of coaching involves working with an individual to clarify their personal/ professional goals for success and then working through the characteristics that enable or block achievement of this goal. This coaching is largely action oriented and the agenda tends to be set by the individual rather than the organisation. 

Front Line and Middle Manager Coaching

Too many coaching efforts are targeted only at senior and executive leadership. Whilst there is little doubt senior leaders make a significant contribution to organisation success, the power of the front line and middle managers to shape your culture and impact your customers' experience is significant. Reveur offer direct coaching for these groups or the option to build a sustainable internal coaching model (see Internal Coach Programs - coming soon) to deliver coaching to these critical resources.

Cultural Transformation Coaching

The focus of our cultural transformation coaching is personal transformation as the pathway to cultural transformation. We work with individuals and teams to explore their personal behavioural style and the impact that this has on the organisation. 

The fundamental underpinning of any cultural or behavioural program is visible and consistent behaviour change in leaders. Essential to this is a belief within the leadership that “for things to change first I must change”, therefore the starting point for Executive & Leadership coaching is self-awareness.

In the context of cultural transformation this involves building understanding of personal impact in relation to the Values and culture; understanding how behaviour shapes the culture and understanding how what you do as a leader, where you spend your time and the decisions that you make send messages about what is important and shapes the culture. This builds a new set of more effective skills, that align to the desired culture, which can be practiced and integrated into existing work and behaviour patterns so that they become unconscious and fully embedded into the way individual works day to day.

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