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The great companies and teams are those that celebrate differences. They seek harmony not uniformity. They strive for oneness not sameness – Gil Atkinson


Reveur offer a range of individual team or multiple team development programs that: 

  • build understanding around team dynamics;
  • put in place the foundations for team effectiveness;
  • build high performing teams; and
  • shifting teams to a new level of operating.


Below we outline an example High Performing Team Program



Reveur Partners are accredited in the several Profiles from the
Team Management Systems suite.


Team Management Systems (TMS) is recognised as the foremost integrated system of work-based, research proven assessments and feedback instruments – supports individuals, teams and organisations to effective positive, lasting change and achieve higher performance in the workplace. 


Accreditations include:


Team Management Profile

This Profile is a personalised report that gives individuals insights into how they work and their preferred role in a team, based on the Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel.


Linking Skills Profiles

This Profile identifies performance around the fundamental people, task and leadership-related skills. It is an individual 360-dgree feedback instrument that aids high-performance working.


Opportunities-Obstacles Profile

This Profile determines the balance of effort people put into seeing the opportunities or obstacles at work and reveals how individuals are likely to approach risk.


Strategic Team Development Profile

This Profile addresses the fundamental areas that teams need to address to perform effectively. It provides a roadmap for the ongoing development of any team and pinpoints strategic issues that need resolving in a group.


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