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He who has a ‘why’ to live for can bear almost any ‘how’ – Friedrich Nietzsche


What are Corporate Values?

Individual Values are the underlying beliefs that calibrate how individuals make decisions, where they spend their time and how they relate to others. As such, a person’s individual Values underpin a large proportion of how they operate day to day.  Corporate Values are an extension of this. They are the underlying beliefs and standards that guide people in how they should behave within the organisation and therefore operate as a ‘glue’ that holds and anchors the business together. Values define standards of behaviour and become the written rules around how the business operates to achieve performance outcomes. As such, Values have a significant impact on the Culture of an organisation if you define culture as “the way things work around here".



  • act as 'corporate glue', promoting shared identity and greater focus;


  • define and guide the style of leadership required for future success;


  • enable external and internal audiences to know the business and what it stands for;


  • act as a terms of reference against which to measure individual, team and corporate behaviour;


  • enable an organisation to determine what practices to keep and what to change.


Defining Corporate Values - The Reveur Approach

Because Values are inherently about people, Reveur work with companies to fast track acceptance of Values by involving as many employees as practical in their establishment through their unique Values Cardsort (TM pending) technique. More so than any organisation initiative, involvement in Values development is essential and ‘selling’ an outcome is a substandard solution. For Values to achieve traction they need to be credible and believable in the eyes of employees and most importantly, resonate at a personal level.

The following are the hallmarks of effective Values:


  • Clearly defined set of Values;


  • That have been created by the employee base;


  • That are appropriately behaviourally anchored so people understand ‘what that looks like’;


  • That are integrated into the fabric or DNA of the organisation;


  • That are ‘lived’ day to day by the leaders of the organisation;


  • That clearly support and guide decisions.


The upfront involvement of employees in the definition of Values establishes an important foundation for engagement with the Values and ensures that the Values resonate and connect with employees.

The Reveur approach to Values definition is as follows:
















The Reveur Values Cardsort (TM pending) is a unique methodology that has been practically tested as a highly effective and engaging approach to engage employees in the Values Development process. It provides a genuine alternative to those organisations that feel as though their employees are 'oversurveyed' and are looking for something unique and original that will make a significant difference.


If you would like to talk to us more about developing Values or Living Values in your organisation, please contact us on


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