Cultural Transformation


The Cultural Transformation Framework (below) is the Reveur Transformation methodology which involves an integrated suite of culture and change interventions to deliver sustainable change for key business outcomes.  From the suite of interventions available, Reveur customise a solution for each organisation based on their specific requirements including the business plan and strategies; speed with which change is required; organisational priorities; available level of investment in terms of time and dollars; change readiness of leaders and the momentum for change in the organisation.

We offer three core differentiators in our approach to culture and change:

  • Systemic Focus. 

The Reveur approach to culture and change is grounded in the fact that to manage change and shift the culture of an organisation there must be an understanding of how the organisation system works to create the current state and a systemic effort to create change.


  • Strategic Alignment. Only 30% of people believe that their company’s culture is aligned to their strategy (Rever Market Research, 2012)

Reveur work with clients to ensure that the links to strategy are clear, the business case for culture and change is sound and that the interventions are deep enough to take the business to new levels of performance and profitability.


  • Engagement of Employees.  

In our experience it is critical to enlist and enrol employees in the culture and change effort in order to ensure its success. Building internal capability is a tool we often use to build commitment and ensure that there is skill and drive within the business to sustain change.


Cultural Transformation Framework.


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